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Welcome to Rebel and Kolob Toy Poodles!


WELCOME TO REBEL TOY POODLES!                                                                                 

  Hello! My name is Bonnie Burnett, and I have relocated from southern Utah to the East Coast and am now living in Virginia to provide support for my family in that area. Of course, my poodle family came with me. I have owned and loved toy poodles for several years. Several years ago, I decided to try breeding and showing toy poodles. I had no idea how involved and complex a process this could be. A whole new wonderful world has opened to me as I have developed new friends and acquired some amazing mentors who have helped me to understand and appreciate the fine art of breeding quality toy poodles who are structurally sound, healthy, and free of genetic defects. Since I also show my poodle friends to validate their quality, I am always striving for the highest standards in conformation, temperament, and intelligence.

  My toy poodles are members of my family and live with me in my home. Therefore, they get constant attention and socialization from the moment they are born. I make every effort to build their confidence as I prepare them to be champion toy poodles in the show ring or companions in the home.

Contact me at: 1-435-668-0190


  Kolob Toy Poodles is owned by Terry and Wendy Lamoreaux, who are located in Cedar City, Utah and also spend a lot of time in the summer and fall at their family ranch in the beautiful redrock mountains of southern Utah (bordered by Zion National Park). Wendy has had a dream of having and breeding quality toy poodles for many years and is working hard to produce quality red toy poodles.

  Wendy and Bonnie became friends through their common interests in poodles and horses.  This friendship has evolved into a great supportive partnership.We have determined to create quality toy poodles based on the breed standard and our own personal values of honesty and integrity. We found kindred spirits in our friends Martha Henderson and Carrie Haber, who own and co-own some of our girls.  They are helping us carry on our lines, and assure that our puppies are hands-on, well-socialized, and raised in our homes.

   Our goal is to make every effort to present our poodles as exactly what they are and to treat all with whom we come in contact with the kindness and respect that we would hope to receive ourselves.

Contact me at: 1-435-867-9505

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